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Also, it’s actually pretty difficult to come up with dance moves that work well on the ice with skates. To end this post, here is an adorably funny picture of Josh Farris.Figure skating is a sport that embraces both genders.It was created by Scott Hamilton, the 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist in men’s figure skating and a client of IMG.According to the Kurt Files, a website dedicated to ice skater Kurt Browning, “Stars On Ice was founded in 1986 by Scott Hamilton as a forum in which to showcase figure skating to a fuller extent, both athletically and creatively, than had previously been available to professional skaters.He made his debut appearance in 2004 by competing in the Japan Novice Championship.

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After a couple of training and practice, Hanyu mastered all basic skating moves and also the tough ones like Biellmann spin and quadruple jump.Yuzuru Hanyu is one name that stands out in the Japanese figure skating sphere.