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"Everything I thought I wanted never really turned out to make me very happy." And trying to have a relationship in the public eye was proving impossible.

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Her father and mother are Stephen Underwood and Carole. Her father used to work in sawmills and her mother was a teacher in an elementary school.

The next year, precisely on 10th July, they became life partners.

The Underwood-Fisher marriage has been blessed with a son they named Isaiah Michael Fisher. While you will easily find on the Internet speculations about Fisher and Underwood growing apart and heading for a divorce, the couple has been having a good family life.

In a 2016 for The Player's Tribune, the NHL veteran recalled being "pretty crushed" by the news—but at the same time, his wife had regularly been having to go back and forth between Canada and Nashville, and that was tough... or New York, which is a little different than, say, Nashville," Fisher told 100 Huntley Street during the Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival in April 2015. But definitely know that Christ is the answer and definitely important in our lives, and hopefully people see that and are attracted to it." They were overjoyed to welcome son Isaiah Michael Fisher into the world on Feb.

Soon after, Fisher learned that he was going to be traded no matter what (his own mother even predicted that it was coming), and Ottawa management purposely sent him to the Predators so he could finally live full-time with Underwood."They could have traded me anywhere, but they were genuinely looking out for me and my family," Fisher wrote. I don't bat an eye."And the trust is plentiful."We're both independent people," Underwood added, "so we can't have somebody around 24 hours a day, seven days a week."Besides, the vows they made are always there, especially in spirit."We're down to earth. "We have some great friends and great people around us that are able to encourage us in our faith and our families..I think that's important, and that you stay grounded and realize that's a part of our ministry, is being in that world and trying to be a light within our marriage, and individually and, you know, professionally."Asked about the role faith continued to play in their lives, Fisher continued, "Chris is first in our lives and hopefully that's portrayed in how we treat people...proclaiming it the right way, that's what we try to do. 27, 2015, and took on parenthood as a team."We're both really good at picking up the slack when the other one is super busy," Underwood told Ellen De Generes that October.

However, it’s almost certain he never imagined Underwood would become a multi-media superstar, making a name for herself in film and television like she did in music.