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The album, re-released last year on Fire Records, featured collaborations with Colvin and Elliott Smith — another celebrated singer-songwriter of whom Lord was an early champion. "Most of us just kind of wait till it hits us — but Mary Lou seeks it out.

She knows what's great, and before everybody else."In the cluster of clubs that dot Boston's Lansdowne Street, in the shadow of Fenway Park, there was only a line to get into one.

Either way it’s one heck of story and pretty disturbing if it’s an invented tale of sexual discomfort, manipulation, inability to perform, shame, etc.

Anyways, context: this was a throwaway post written in December 2013.

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Sighhhhh…All this work just to conclude that not everything gives a meaningful correlation and that statistics are indeed the playthings of the data devil. And yes, it feels voyeuristic and intrusive listing all this but for the sake of completism: Addendum: Cheers to Selena for raising this. Buzz Osborne has suggested its completely untrue – meanwhile it’s been cited twice including a full audio recording of Cobain seen in Montage Of Heck.There’s a risk in the title, of course, of suggesting that one or another individual could be held ‘responsible’ for whatever peak or fall occurred in Kurt’s creativity — as I’ve made clear before (see the “ post) I genuinely don’t believe anyone other Kurt Cobain was responsible for these trends.

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HDTV.x264-MOMENTUM-纽奥良5年前卡翠娜飓风来袭,纽奥良将近8成地区被淹没。为了避免悲剧重演,纽奥良正在打造飓风防护系统,包括全球最大的防洪堤坝,长2英里,150英尺深。工程最大的挑战,在于纽奥良大半地区都低于海平面,基本上是一大片湿地? 地下没有基岩。为了让堤坝屹立不摇,必须将两百多根上百英尺的基桩打入地下。这项原本要17年完成的工程,必须18个月完工。因此工程团队设计出许多创新方式,加速工程进行。例如推送巨大斜桩的导向打桩机、让大型机具能在水中平稳作业的栈桥系统、还有独特的混凝土堤坝帽盖装配线。而在灾情最惨重的地区,民间机构正打造具有抵抗飓风爆炒的安居计划……纪录 … continue reading »

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