Who is sterling knight dating now 2016

04-Mar-2020 22:18

He previously was known to have dated Jessica Bridgeman for the duration of a year, the couple started dating on 2009 and split up soon after on 2010.

He has also been known to have been dating Maddie Cyrus previously.

The couple started a relationship on 2007 and this relation too had lasted for a year before they split up.

After these two relationships, no news of Sterling Knight girlfriend is known and he is currently thought to be single. It seems that this personality is managing very well to hide the details of his personal life from his fans pretty well despite being a very successful personality.

Currently, 29 years old Knight is dating Ayla Kell, an American actress. Though, the news about their wonderful attachment was highlighted in the finale of ‘Melissa and Joey’.

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Not only this but a potential Sterling Knight girlfriend should like him, because he can sing thus he is not planning to release any albums any time soon because as he notes himself he prefers listening to music and not singing and even though he should be perfect at karaoke evenings, he states that he always fails because he tries to sing AC/DC songs and he sounds terrible so he must really choose something else if he wants to win one and a while.His handsome looks amalgamated with his acting skills work well for him.