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04-Dec-2020 00:38

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Though he never introduced any marijuana-related bills himself, he was a clear supporter of reform, voting consistently in favor of legislation aimed at reducing the intensity of federal marijuana laws.

Current California senator Kamala Harris announced her presidential campaign at the end of January.

The twin data doesn’t support the implication by authors of the Duke study that cannabis use in adolescence causes neurocognitive decline.

IQ scores of twins who smoked weed didn’t decline any more over time, than the ones from their non-using siblings.

This doesn’t necessarily makes the Duke University study fundamentally flawed but Ole Rogeber, lead author of the follow-up study, gives hints that there were some problems with it: “Although it would be too strong to say that the results have been discredited, the methodology is flawed and the causal interference drawn from the results premature,” There are two new scientific reports that examine the link between cannabis use and intelligence from slightly different angles: One looks at the development of 2,235 teenagers from the UK between ages 8 and 16, and the other one examines the differences between 789 identical twin pairs in the US, in which one twin smokes cannabis, and the other one does not.She opposed legalization in the past, later changing her stance to support for medical marijuana.Her opinion on recreational cannabis shifted in 2018 when she co-sponsored the Marijuana Justice Act.It might be the case that parents, teachers, politicians, and all the other self-titled “cannabis-experts” using this argument, didn’t check the facts.

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We can be thankful for two dedicated teams of researchers from the United Kingdom, and from the US, for clearing up the smoke around the issue of declining IQs caused by cannabis consumption.

Castro is the former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama and he announced his plans to run for president in January of this year.

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