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13-Nov-2019 08:12

Just so it’s clear and fresh in your mind, this is what will happen when a person visits a page on your database driven web site: Before you can retrieve content out of your My SQL database for inclusion in a web page, you must know how to establish a connection to My SQL from inside a PHP script.Back in Chapter 2: Introducing My SQL, you used a program called mysql that allowed you to make such a connection from the command prompt.

These detailed errors can be invaluable tools for diagnosing problems with your code during development.As shown in the figure above, the PHP scripting language is the go-between that speaks both languages.It processes the page request and fetches the data from the My SQL database (using SQL queries just like those you used to create a table of jokes in Chapter 2: Introducing My SQL), then spits it out dynamically as the nicely formatted HTML page that the browser expects.What’s important to see here is that the value returned by .

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As the My SQL server is a completely separate piece of software from the web server, we must consider the possibility that the server may be unavailable or inaccessible due to a network outage, or because the username/password combination you provided is rejected by the server.

To make sure your error handling code is working properly, you might want to misspell your password intentionally to test it out.