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He looks up at the colourful sign once more, hesitates as he glances at the heavily decorated windows, slowly takes a deep breath and -The door abruptly opens up from the inside.Khadgar freezes and stares up at the person who opened it, and his heart skips a beat.It’s titled ‘Powers of the Void’ and it’s a story about having the weight of a world resting on one’s shoulders. No one at the moment,” he replies, wondering if he’s missing some kind of hidden social cue.And sometimes, it may be necessary to call upon powers one would otherwise not use in order to keep the world safe… It’s a story that questions morality and --”Songweaver holds up a hand, stopping Khadgar. Surprise me when you get it published.” He then rests his chin on the back of his hand again. Who is the lucky person that your wonderful story is dedicated to? Songweaver couldn’t possibly want him to dedicate the book to him, now would he? “Here we are - Cherry Galette with Meringue,” the server says, placing them on the table.His hands are poised to take one of the many books set out in front of him.They are a swirl of warm colours, much like the rest of the floor’s decorations.I’m sure they will appreciate your fantastical knowledge.”Khadgar nods, filing the information away for later use.It is rather sound advice, and he’s grateful that it was given to him.

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Khadgar swallows - there’s no backing away now - and enters.“My name is Medivh. ” Medivh asks Khadgar as he settles in behind the counter.If anything, Medivh has flare and knows his stage well.