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This could mean that he is scared of being discovered, so he overcompensates by acting homophobic.

He may even feel ashamed for his gay extramarital affair, which leaves him embroiled in feelings of self-hatred.

And even if you’re aware of their existence, identifying them can be difficult because of the deceptive practices they employ.

Based on my experience, here are some warning signs to help identify whether or not a facility is a fake women’s health center.

Many centers may be very explicit in providing pregnancy testing and/or ultrasounds, but will have vague descriptions of its “options counseling,” especially regarding abortion.

See if any of the staff actually has medical training, or if the people providing these services are medical professionals, such as nurses or doctors.

Having a gay best friend makes your husband feel as though his actions are acceptable, and it makes his feelings more normal.

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As many fake women’s health centers remain unregulated and continue to outnumber abortion clinics at an alarming rate (with more than 3,000 CPCs and less than 800 abortion clinics nationwide), being able to identify them is important now more than ever, particularly if you’re looking for information on the full range of your pregnancy options.Explore the website and its services Identifying a fake women’s health center by its website can be tricky since many use it as an initial disguise for their anti-abortion ideology.