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CONNECT VULKANO TO YOUR TV Connect either the Component or HDMI output cables from the back of the Vulkano to the video inputs on your TV. Connect your Vulkano to your STB as shown in the Component or Composite diagram.14 User Guide USING YOUR VULKANO FEATURES This section covers the following:  Live TV  Guide  My Recordings  Internet Apps  Settings  Help LIVE TV To watch Live TV, you can:  Use the Arrow buttons on your Vulkano remote to select the Live TV option from the Menu screen and press OK or  Press TV A television picture will be displayed on your screen.When viewing Live TV, you can perform any of the following functions:  Press the up/down Arrows or CH and CH- to select and view a specific channel  Use the Number buttons to select and view a specific channel Note: Some STB Cable and Satellite boxes require users to enter leading zeros in front of single-digit channels. | | | | | | | | | | | OK Numbers OK Channel Up/Down TV 15 User Guide To record a program from Live TV: 1. Connect the STB video and audio outputs to the video and audio inputs on the back of the Vulkano. If your STB has both, use Component for better video quality.If you have connected your Vulkano to your TV with the Component input:  Press OK on your Vulkano remote Note: Make sure you do not press “1”.

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| Numbers OK 13 | | | | | | | | | | OK User Guide VULKANO CONFIGURED SUCCESSFULLY Congratulations!  Press OK to go to the Menu screen DOWNLOAD THE CLIENTS Mobile Players Vulkano Mobile Players for various smartphones are available on Monsoon Multimedia’s website: from the Apple App Store.Use the Arrow and OK buttons on your Vulkano remote to select characters from the on-screen keyboard: 1. CONFIGURE VIDEO INPUT Using the Arrow buttons on your Vulkano remote: 1.