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For a representative to use Shell Jump, they must be granted access to a Jumpoint with Shell Jump enabled and must have the user account permission Allowed Jump Methods: Shell Jump.Policy TTL configuration is available only for standalone Jumpoints. A date and time can be set to specify when the Jumpoint should become active and when it should automatically uninstall.Setup of a Jumpoint on a remote network is a multi-step process that includes configuration on the /login interface, downloading the installer, and running the installation wizard.Before configuring a Jumpoint, it is important to understand the difference between clustered Jumpoints and standalone Jumpoints because they have different feature sets and because a clustered Jumpoint cannot be converted to standalone, nor a standalone Jumpoint converted to clustered.A clustered Jumpoint allows you to install up to ten redundant nodes of the same Jumpoint on different host systems in the same local network.A clustered Jumpoint is available as long as at least one of the installed nodes is online.At least one node needs to be installed for the Jumpoint to be online., none of the nodes are visible, only the clustered Jumpoint under which they are installed. When a user needs to use the Jumpoint, one of the nodes is selected randomly.

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If checked, a permitted user can view and select systems from the network directory tree.

Host and port fields should be set carefully since any Jump Client deployed using this Jumpoint as a proxy server uses the settings available to it at the time of deployment and is not updated should the host or port change.

If the host or port must be changed, the Jump Client must be redeployed.

Now that your Jumpoint is configured, you must install the Jumpoint on a single system in the remote network you wish to access.

This system serves as the gateway for Jump sessions with other computers on the remote network.

This means that if you install a clustered Jumpoint, selecting the Jumpoint Configuration item on the start menu of the Jumpoint host does not result in a configuration window, and only an About box is shown.

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