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Viking settlements also played an important role in Viking trade.In Viking settlements such as Ireland the first peaceful interactions between the Native Irish and the Vikings were economic in nature.The Vikings had a vast, expansive, and planned out trade network.Trade took place on a gold level and over short and long distances.In Iberia the first trade and exploration was likely in minerals due to the role that the region played in the Roman Period.The Iberian example shows how Viking were often traders and raiders, who in the aftermath of raids would use their newfound established power to establish trade.One Arab writer states that during the 10th century that “one black pelt reaches the price of 100 dinars.” The slave trade also existed in Northern Europe as well were other Norse Men and Women were sold and held as slaves as well.

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These towns became major trade destinations on the trading route from the Baltic Sea to Central Asia.These numbers are likely only a fraction of the total influx of Arab currency into Viking Age Scandinavia as a great deal of silver coins were also likely melted down to make other silver objects. A series of coins minted during the 9th century that were meant to look like coins from the Carolingian empire might have been intended for use as a political symbol resisting the Empire reach and influence.The fur trade was an important piece of the Viking trade network.Trade routes would play an important role in rebuilding the economy of Europe during the Viking Age.

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The collapse of the Roman Empire significantly reduced the European economy.The furs often exchanged hands through a number of intermediaries enriching each.

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