Updating your ompf

19-Jun-2020 19:38

It is imperative as a Career Marine, you fully understand all the moving parts of your record and know how to keep it updated.

As we review records to evaluate performance during counseling, we routinely come across poorly managed records.

Marines in this situation are not entitled to remedial consideration based on the missing material which has been updated subsequent to the adjournment of the selection board (MCO 1400.32C)." It is neither difficult nor time consuming to ensure you have a current and updated record.

The focus of this article is to give you a snapshot of the important elements of your record as they pertain to promotion.

MINIMUM PME REQUIREMENTS Staff Sergeant Must have one of the following MCI?

s completed: Marine NCO MCI 03.3K or MCI 7000 or MCI 8000 Gunnery Sergeant MCI 7100 must be completed.

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Commendatory/Derogatory Folder Contains documents on civilian and military education, personal awards, court-martial/nonjudicial punishments, and other material reflecting significant personal achievement or adversity pertinent to making decisions for purposes of selection, assignment, and retention.Afterwards, sources are listed to enable you to correct your record if needed.