Updating with gridview

01-Apr-2020 03:15

If there is, and you've edited a record on any page but the first page, you get an index out of bounds error when you try to use the rowid in your update code because Container.Data Item Index returns the rowid for the entire datasource, not for the page. Regardless, thanks for sharing your code here and at Grid View Guy.Select Both Category and Customer tables Give Model Namespace and click on Finish. NET Gridview Footer row for inserting record, inbuilt way to edit and delete records.A Grid View generally shows and allows the user to update rows in a database.They are easy to set up until the values that you want to update is a foreign key.Its not obvious how to send the appropriate value back to the database or how to limit input to valid values (from the foreign key table). You simply need to add an asp: Dropdown control that takes its values from the foreign key table and bind the value of this as you would have done an input box.

I am also passing the current Row Index of the Grid View row. Now, let's check out the Attach Function which is a server side function.Now, let's see the Update method which is fired when the user clicks the update button.protected void Update(object sender, Event Args e) The update method simply looks into the Row Index list and finds the changed rows from that list.Hello, I have create a master/detail using a Grid View and a Form View.

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My Data Source for the detailed Form View is linked to the Grid View by the details Object Data Source whiche looks like the following: When I update the record on the Form View by ussing the Form View. Update Item, the modified item is shown on the form view but the changes are not reflected on the master Grid View.