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If that doesn’t work, try the manual update process below.(What do we mean by updating “should fix this problem”? and How Ruby uses CA certificates sections below to gain a better understanding of the underlying problems.) Anytime your computer is talking to a server using HTTPS, it uses an as part of that connection.Bundled Open SSL versions are updated to 1.0.2p and 1.1.1.Ruby Installer-2.5.1-1 and Ruby Installer-2.4.4-1 are released.These are maintenance releases with some bug and several security fixes.See ruby-2.4.4 release notes and ruby-2.5.1 release notes.On Debian 9 (stretch), it is # Downgrade openssl-devel for Ruby 2.3.1 dnf remove openssl-devel dnf install compat-openssl10-devel # Install Ruby 2.3.1 rbenv install 2.3.1 # Upgrade to the latest opessl-devel for newer ruby versions dnf remove compat-openssl10-devel dnf install openssl-devel $ cd ~/src $ wget https:// $ tar xvzf openssl-1.0.2gz $ cd openssl-1.0.2s $ mkdir ~/.rubies/openssl-1.0.2s $ ./config --prefix=$HOME/.rubies/openssl-1.0.2s --shared $ make $ make install $ RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS=--with-openssl-dir=$HOME/.rubies/openssl-1.0.2s rbenv install 2.3.1 Ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 302 (and below, possibly above, including ruby enterprise edition) have a known compiler bug, however compiling Ruby will finish without errors.The bug will cause a segmentation fault whenever an SSL connection is opened, like .../timeout.rb:60: [BUG] Segmentation fault.

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At the moment, most Linux distributions that come with Open SSL 1.1.0 have a separate package for Open SSL 1.0.x.

Try setting the following flags and recompiling Ruby: If you can, try upgrading to Ruby 2.1.2 where this issue seems to be fixed.

If you’ve experienced issues related to SSL certificates and/or TLS versions, you’ve come to the right place.

You should therefore stay on 2.5 until 2.6 is well supported, unless you want to contribute and fix remaining issues.

Ruby Installer-2.5.3-1 and Ruby Installer-2.4.5-1 are released.If you’re not interested in the reasons, and just want to get things fixed as quickly as possible, you can jump straight to solutions for SSL issues.