Updating layer states in autocad

27-Oct-2020 19:17

Click this button, and you will be prompted to select a DWG file to insert.The insertion point for the XREF will always use the coordinate 0,0 in the XREF as the base-point in a similar fashion to how blocks work.You might need to change layer properties for their drawings so it can fit your standard. Do you have to create a copy of the drawing, make necessary changes before you can use it as reference? Before we start, let’s make a naming convention to avoid confusion.Try to attach a file as XREF or external reference.As such, these are drawing files that are used as external references in our drawing.Other names for XREFs include references, overlays, attachments and model files. The external file is inserted into the current drawing as a reference.In this example I created a default layer state and the one that I will use in master file.Let’s say I want to hide annotations and change layer color so when I plot the drawing will be thinner. You can save this your layer state in external file. Change to layer state you want, then close this dialog box.

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If the structural engineers, architect and MEP engineers have their own standards it would be easier. If you are not familiar with layer states yet, read this layer states tutorial.

Now let’s see how you can use the layer state you have defined in referenced file. Layer states are file specific, so you need to save it in drawing file. Try you can make the engineers who send you the files to set layer states first.

You can tell them to import your layer states to their template.

If you want to edit the geometry of the XREF, you’ll need to open the referenced file and edit that.

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We can insert an XREF by simply entering XREF into the command line.When you select the file name it will only list the layers in that file.