Updating compaq presario 1200us hardrive

10-Aug-2020 13:39

After selecting the appropriate option, you will need to confirm these changes; pressing F10 will usually save them.

If not, read the on-screen instructions, which will identify the appropriate function key for saving or accepting changes.

Each computer, whether it’s a DELL, HP, Acer or even a custom built system, is an island unto itself before Windows 10 (or some other operating system) starts.

Since the 1980s, hardware vendors have worked together to standardize around common access routines and commands for managing your BIOS Boot Options.

After decades of systems using BIOS, malware has become more sophisticated, where it is even possible for malicious code to easily infect key operating system code such as the Master Boot Record.

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Best case scenario, those steps will get you up and running. This includes details for changing the boot order on a Microsoft Surface device and booting from another device on a Mac.

Start your computer then proceed to strike the appropriate key or command to load the BIOS.

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