Updating blackberry operating system

10-Oct-2019 23:50

A trade-up program that gives these customers “a significant discount and incentive to upgrade your current Black Berry device to a new Black Berry Key One or Motion, both of which are the world’s most secure Android smartphones.” Details of the program are unknown, a stark reminder of just how slowly Black Berry still operates.

To make matters worse, Black Berry ended Black Berry Priv monthly updates today after two years, meaning the company is doing a better job supporting BBOS than its Android devices.

(UK devices began to receive 10.3.3 last month.) But even though 10.3.3 didn’t contain any new features*, it has caused users problems, Black Berry acknowledges in a release note. See the comments under this story for a typical selection.

(Your reporter has updated two devices to 10.3.3, without experiencing the worst problems, but both were given a clean install.) Alas, the problems are compounded by other evidence of decay in the BB10 world.

Since then Black Berry Mobile has been created as a software and licensing unit, with partners, principally TCL, handling the design, marketing and logistics of selling Black Berry-branded phones.

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Now that the app store is going away at the end of 2019, there will be a lot of pressure on Black Berry to end support for the operating system as well.Unlike other devices, the Black Berry Curve's Java-based operating system loads all of its applications into memory instead of accessing them on storage media as needed, and the process of loading these apps into memory takes some time.Additionally, for the initial reset after a software update, the operating system needs to rebuild its file system and database structure from scratch, which can take a considerable amount of time.Internal network data showed that millions were clinging to their older Black Berry devices. ® *For those who haven’t yet received it, some networks such as the UK’s EE have yet to authorise it.

After a Black Berry smartphone has received an update to its operating system, the device will reset and start up with the new software.

For users to backup their mission critical phone logs, or migrate them to another device, Black Berry’s desktop software Link needs to be used.