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12-Apr-2020 01:20

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Maybe that same rep that looks on here will pop in and offer help as they did for me when we upgraded my wife's phone. First let me say that I have been with Trac Fone for many years.

Then I recalled that I recently sold my old tracfone on ebay. The phone number of that phone had already been transferred to my new phone. Also I'm still not sure if my important unnamed account (for security purposes) has been breached. edit: when i try dialing out it says: call restriction 34 I did not move, I did not even take the phone out of my zip code. Any other use of your TRACFONE handset, including without limitation,, unlocking and/or reflashing of the handset is unauthorized and constitutes a violation of your agreement with Trac Fone.

They fixed that too right then and there so her experiece has been pretty good with them.

If you haven't opened an account in the tracfone website yet, open one and register your phone/number there. I don't bother with voice CS, so I went straight to chat.

The rep virtually threw up her hands and referred me to the same blah-blah phone number and pin that your "Rose" did.

since then she has not had anymore problems and just upgraded to a newer phone and that went smoothly as well.

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she does have a hard time understanding them on the phone but none have ever been rude to her and they have always helped her the couple of times she did have to call.Then suddenly: "To further assist you with your issue, please contact 1-866-806-1840 and enter this PIN XXXXXX if prompted by the system.

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