Understanding women the definitive guide to meeting dating

23-Sep-2019 19:09

Most people sit somewhere inside the borders of the spectrum but most people lean at least a little to one side.NOTE: Very few people are either ALWAYS Masculine or ALWAYS Feminine.They were characteristics of related to different pathways to certainty more than the mechanisms for certainty.I’ve left them out because they’re not relevant to this discussion but if you want to understand them more, you can learn about the different pathways to certainty in Endgame.NOTE: I’m going to focus on feminine women here because I’m making a basic assumption that you’re attracted to feminine women.If you’re looking for a Masculine woman to take care of you, then just flip this all around and use it to understand yourself more than her.” He looked cautiously around the cafe before he leaned forward and whispered, “Umm. ” I leaned forward and did my best impersonation of an interrogating police officer “Yes.Whatever you say is going in your file–for life.” “Oh,” he said, sitting back, upright in his chair.

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These are the areas that drive competitiveness and action.” “The difference between the two paths isn’t small. And it shapes the way females and males engage their world, right from birth.” I could see that Steven understood, but his blank stare told me he was about to say something.

Here are a few examples of things that women do that seem completely foreign and pointless to most guys but make absolute sense to feminine women: ———————– NOTE: There are always more examples that I’m sure you guys can come up with.

If an example isn’t listed here, try applying the different mechanisms for certainty to that situation and see what you come up with.

Are you more attracted to career-driven women who’re really aggressive, really into football, like to get in fist fights, drink beer, and ride in bikie gangs, or are you into pretty, giggly, delicate, feminine women?

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Which end of the spectrum are the women you’re attracted to closer to?“Well, definitely not at either end but more towards the feminine side I guess.” “Okay, good.” I said, smiling.

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