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They are highly aggressive and will give hissing sounds and hold the head up high when they are going to strike.They often give off such sounds too in an effort to keep other snakes out of their territory.This allows them to be hard to identify due to the colorations they offer.The risk of coming into contact with one of them in such forest locations is very high.This species of snake is mainly found around the areas of India and Asia.They live in locations that offer a thick forest region.

This is a snake that has many people worried because of the way they look and the size of them.

There will always be some types of bands that run over them from the top down. They also have very sharp fangs with teeth that turn inward.

The overall appearance of the King Cobra gives it a look that appears to be very intense as well as fierce.

Olive green is the main base color of most of them.

However, you will find those that have black and tan on them. They feature scales along the belly that are smooth to the touch.

This particular type of snake is also one that stays close to bodies of water.