The problem with dating single moms

12-Nov-2020 10:43

However, I would like to know of the men out there who WOULD in fact date a single mother, what sorts of things would open you up to that prospect (maybe you find independence/strength sexy?

) as well as turn you off to it (maybe she's negligent or has perpetual baby daddy issues).

NONE of them met my children with the exception of one and my current boyfriend.

I will never understand why women are so quick to introduce the kids.

Overall, I will date a single mom, but they have to understand that the commitment to them is now way bigger with a child.Especially since it was a "casual exclusive" dating situation.I'm also a child of a single mom (from I was 4), I will vote up for this a thousand times.This isn't a subject I see discussed a lot and I'm genuinely curious.

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As the male child of a single mom, I know what it's like to be your kid.No offense, but this is only intended for those of you who WOULD in fact date a single mom.