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25-May-2020 14:33

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I could personally use a wider selection of Babes to choose from in my area...

So if you're something special, then go sign-up and find me online or maybe someone better to your liking.

It’s one of the first things they remove when they buy it. ” The last thing you want to do is scare off someone who’s your next potential smoking buddy.

Be careful that you’re not about to ask a crackhead for his lighter. If you walk past someone who smells like skunk, you can bet that they don’t have skunks living in their house. Everybody knows what the stoner’s rolling paper packet looks like.

For good measure, if there’s scratches on the bottom sides of the lighter, you know that they use it as a bottle opener, too.

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“And my character is so stoned that he thinks that there might be aliens in the dating scene. DEAR ABBY: "Jerry," my husband, has been sending pictures of himself to online dating sites, advertising for a personal …So if you’re wandering around looking for someone to smoke some herb with, then you better know how to tell if someone is a stoner.