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KIRK: This is Captain James Kirk of the USS Enterprise. They're sending us a mathematical message and requesting language equivalence. KIRK: Tie in the ship's translator to the communication channel. SCOTT: Captain, you're not really bringing that thing in here? Besides, once it's aboard, it won't be taking any more shots at us. (What looks like a satellite - antenna at the top, engine at the bottom and flashing lights on the side - is hanging in mid air over the transporter pad.) KIRK: Sensor readings, Mister Spock. KIRK: Ready photon torpedo number two, Mister Sulu. KIRK: But what could have absorbed that much energy and survived? (A bemused young Indian officer watches the performance.) SPOCK: Chart 14A, sir? (a diagram of our solar system comes up on a screen) Nomad, can you scan that? KIRK: This is our point of origin, the star we know as Sol. The sterilisation procedure against your ship was unnecessary.

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Our instruments show only normal background radiation. Even the Symbalene blood burn does not act that swiftly. UHURA: Nothing since their original distress call, sir.