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" 2018-04-12 "Roommates and I complained about faulty oven to landlord and he refused to replace it; two days ago it malfunctioned and a wall of fire hit me in the face" - actual (partial) title 2018-04-13 "My parents stole my pc. " 2018-04-13 "This is called an attractive nuisance and yes, you could be liable if some idiot trespasses on your lawn and eats some fruit they weren't invited to eat that was treated with pesticides they didn't know about because they're idiot trespassers who are stealing your god damned fruit." 2018-04-13 Hertz wants its stolen car back from LAOP..didn't steal it.

2018-04-14 Parent of the year candidate wants LAOP to take someone else's medication for their non-diagnosed mental illness 2018-04-14 In which the mail carrier is way too invested in LAOP's grandmother 2018-04-14 Gang stalking neighbors (actual title) 2018-04-14 [r/greatawakening] debates military tribunals, a complete eradication of everything except jury trials, GITMO, and statutes of limitations...because of Kevin Spacey 2018-04-14 [r/news] tackles sex with animals, anal sex, and dolphin consent 2018-04-15 OP says their landlord is "unhinged," which is probably an understatement.

The game of tennis came from Great Britain, where it was known as "lawn tennis" and was played with bare hands.

This kind of sport involves two players or can be played by teams.

2018-04-10 "My 76 year old unhealthy, disabled and overweight mom is currently engaged to a 25 year old drug dealing drop out." 2018-04-11 Bad car dealership is bad, doesn't want to fix LAOP's car and really doesn't want him posting dash cam footage.

2018-04-11 "Let me preface this by saying I am an avid pot smoker, I smoke every day and in my state it is illegal. Are the cop cars I keep seeing around my house a coincidence?

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2018-04-16 [Ask Reddit] delves into elderly drivers and driving tests with scary (and humorous) results 2018-04-17 Buckle up kiddos, we've got ourselves a 150 year old tree case in the welcome return of tree law week!Those two players who play one to one are called tennis singles players; team game players are called doubles players.Tennis is played on grass, concrete, clay or carpet (indoors) surfaces.There are various types of tennis matches: no ad, pro set and match-tie break.

It is also known that tennis players have eight basic shots.“Tennis friends” is a unique social dating community on Canoodle that unites all people who like to play tennis, including singles who want to meet a love match with whom to share their love of this game.2018-04-18 Actual title: "During a condition check that takes place from 10AM to 5PM: *Knock knock* "Maintenance! Also, I'm not wearing pants, and you're reading this in my voice." 2018-04-19 One of my employees made remarks about cutting my unborn child out of my stomach. (actual title) 2018-04-20 A question of whether OP is either reliable or liable for a broken door.