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Here is the story: When Long Island Speed Dating (currently known as Weekend Dating.com) was started, I thought the only market was for the 25-35 year old crowd. Some of our best events are for the 40’s and 50’s age bracket. Where did all the single guys in the 46-56 age range go?

Don’t get me wrong, they do exist, but just not nearly as much as women in a similar age range.

While others may like your new idea, please put me down as a vehement "no".

Part II- The event Our first Double speed dating event was held in July, 2004.

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Initially I thought a lot of women would be coming in pairs, but surprisingly about 70% of the female participants came alone.I can honestly say we have to turn down 40-60 women per event for this age category in order to ensure we have an equal male/female ratio.Women have complained that they have been waiting more than 6 months to come to an event.I was pretty amazed to see how easily the ladies bonded.

Each time a new single woman arrived, she was immediately introduced to group and made to feel welcome. The women had already been eating and were sitting at tables.

Here is an actual comment: ”Hi, I think the idea of having two women at one table is terrific!