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06-Sep-2020 15:41

Maybe it depends on what kinda Indian or South Asian bros and which social circles you're in.The ones that work in tech and 9-5's in places like SF are mostly dead in the water but I know a couple hipster-ish ones in LA who work in entertainment/Hollywood are doing really well for themselves. Wanna get an overall feel of the situation for us asian bros Just started to use online dating, could get 7-8/10 white girls occasionally IRL on dates, but my matches are all avg asian girls or obese landwhales.Aneeka Patel The dating trends in South Asia are fast matching up to those followed by singles in the West.With changing values and rise of the affluent professionals, dating has become socially acceptable.Those who live in large cities and who don't live with their parents, are more likely choose live together until they are ready to commit to marriage.As such, they are more likely to accept sex before marriage as part of their relationship.Project 143 guarantees its members a minimum of eight matches in a six-month period.

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The South Asian dating scene is moving - and it's moving fast!

Dating is now seeing a loosening, if not a total disappearance of the restrictions of old, determined by caste, religion and even race.