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10-Aug-2020 13:16

For AVA, though, the looks are especially important. That was the exact opposite of what we wanted.”AVA does stick to the robot stereotype of being a woman, but Spratto says that he’s open to someday having a staff of virtual assistants, including men.

The new face of Autodesk, made from scans of actor Shushila Takao, is elusive, with a light tan complexion that’s hard to pinpoint. “What we intentionally tried to do is make AVA appeal to as broad a cultural spectrum a possible . Soul Machines does include a single male avatar out of three (including AVA) on its home page..

Born in February as a roughly sketched avatar on a chat interface, AVA’s CGI makeover will turn her into a hyper-detailed, 3D-rendered character–what Soul Machines calls a digital human.

The Autodesk deal is Soul Machines’ first major gig, following a pilot project with the Australia National Disability Insurance Agency from February to September, 2016, and some proof-of-concept demos, like a recent one with Air New Zealand.

They are built to be bottomless wells of empathy, no matter how nasty a customer gets.

All that digital artistry may seem like overkill for the system that tells people where to find their software downloads.

Now a glitch with an online login means a highly paid person can’t do their job. “If the resolution time is 38 hours, 37 hours of that would be just waiting for the case to get picked up,” says Spratto.

Even the current version of AVA has helped a lot, he says, handling about 40,000 customer help requests a month via the text chat, with an average turnaround of about five minutes.

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In demonstration videos, the new AVA’s face reacts with all the physiological subtlety of the best Hollywood CGI characters.

And responding to that.”With her new face and brain, AVA’s getting a promotion from call center staffer to brand ambassador.

“We really strongly feel that if AVA is to be the front door into Autodesk, people need to feel like AVA is a great first solution and not yet another deflection mechanism,” says Spratto.

Don’t be mistaken, though: This is very far from artificial sentience, Sagar cautions.

“Everything is radically simplified from the real thing, and even how the real thing works is not understood,” he says.

It’s a leap of faith for Autodesk to go with the Kiwi startup, but Soul Machines made a big impression with its first project, thanks to another two-time Academy Award winner.

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