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27-May-2020 15:11

In many bot films, human characters find themselves falling into another gap between human and machine: when the more–than–human-bot behaves as if the interactions with humans has meant nothing at all.

Or else the bot suddenly appears stupid because it does not understand innuendo, sarcasm, or irony.

So it is difficult to know how she is going to feel about Aibo, the pet that I am thinking of getting her.

One half of our family is obsessed with dogs, which means that my mother is highly aware of her disinterest in companionship with these animals.

I am not myself in German; in German, I am permanently in translate-mode, a person with tasks to accomplish. From Maria in (2014), the gap between human and machine is one in which the robot inevitably out-performs the human.

She hankers to cry tears as the ultimate proof of ‘life’, because she believes that this will make it possible for humans to truly love and accept her.