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20-Mar-2020 07:41

I am from an IT background and I would check the file for secure and non-secure endpoint configuration.

This affects flash content massively if configured incorrectly.

I am not a computer expert so bare that in mind in your reply !!

I dont know how to keep my cam facility to allow me to cam all the time?I have downloaded Adobe but nothing come up on the page where it should. husband and I both messed around following these steps for half an hour in both Firefox and Chrome before giving up in frustration.I'm reserved about becoming a site supporter again if it's using such outdated technology ."After over an hour of trying IE11, Firefox, Chrome, re-installing Flash, enabling flash wherever I could, the cam in your chat rooms still does not work.If you lose flash look at the address bar to the left you will see a little lock. You can re-enable the flash settings from there This is probably the best way to do it as the update seems a bit buggy in as much as the flash settings in content control seem to have fallen on their ass ...

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Hi xx I have done that every time I go into the chat room and cam .The cam works in Skype without a problem but not on Fabs - despite trying Chrome, IE11 and edge.