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Just as he is grabbing the money the guy turns, and under the impression that George is stealing money from the jar, refuses to sell him any more calzones.George then recommends to Steinbrenner that they try something new for lunch the next day.

One day, when George throws his money into the tip jar unnoticed, he attempts to grab it to place it back when someone was looking.The Calzone smell wafts into Steinbrenner's office, and he runs to George's office, thinking he has calzones.George tries to fool Steinbrenner by going to another calzone restaurant.Steinbrenner insists that they continue to keep their routine.

George makes a deal to obtain the calzones for his boss when Newman brings them to him, as he is coming through on his mail route.

He tries to pay Vittorio, the Calzone cook with pennies and a fight ensues with the seller kicking Kramer out of the restaurant.

Now what makes things even harder to navigate is this: you’re really stuck on this guy. Why bail on a promising relationship just because there’s a hint of trouble? And you can’t let fear make your decisions in life. As you’ve identified, there’s a chance he won’t be able to overcome his past, but it seems to me like he has all the best intentions in attempting to do so.… continue reading »

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“These spore-forming organisms exist in two states.… continue reading »

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