Rules dating younger guy

15-Mar-2020 09:20

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Lots of women go for older men specifically because they feel that the maturity gap is less dramatic, but if you’re looking to date a younger guy, the reverse can easily be true.

If you fall for a younger guy because he’s “fun” and has more energy than men your own age, just be aware that those positive qualities can accompany signs of immaturity that he hasn’t grown out of yet. It can be hard to relate to someone who’s just graduated college when you’re a few years into your actual grown-up career.

No one thinks twice when a man is in a relationship with a women five, seven, or even 10 years younger than him, but women who date younger men aren’t always received with such a carefree attitude by society.

Even if you’re still pretty young yourself, you might still be labeled as a “cougar,” and your friends and family might assume that immature because you’re dating a younger man.

Younger men often seek out older women because they like being taken care of and they might feel that women their own age can’t satisfy that need for them.But if you decide to date one, just be aware that his friends won’t necessarily be “old souls” as well.You may have an unfair stigma attached to your relationship.Planes, cars, hotels, and restaurants in other countries are all very cool. Spiritual practice is a very important thing that allows you to be young from the inside.

If you are constantly focused, confident and happy; the young man will begin to follow your lead. You begin to conquer yoga together and experience the wonderful world of meditation.This may not be remotely important to you if you don’t care what others think, but if approval from others is necessary for you to be happy in a relationship, this is definitely something to think about.