Reservations for two dating

30-Mar-2020 06:02

Words like are not appropriate when trying to make a reservation.

This tends to happen when people reserve last minute and are surprised that the restaurant is completely booked for the night.

Not only are you taking away other guests chances at reserving a table that night, but the restaurant will be losing out on customers therefore having less sales for that day.

A restaurant is a business after all and although they are happy to have large parties, it’s a shame to lose out on other potential reservations because they don’t have the exact number of people for your reservation.

If you’re a large group (let’s say 20 people or more – depending on the size of the restaurant), make sure that you keep your reservation time.

A difference of 2 or 3 people won’t make a big difference, but when it starts to get to 5 to 10 to 20 people, it makes a huge difference to the restaurant.

Also, for your benefit, having the exact number of people will be easier for the restaurant to organize your table/tables. If you are unsure of the number of people because you are reserving in advance, call the restaurant to give them daily/weekly updates on the number of people and inform them the day before of your exact head count. Be direct when choosing a time for your reservation.

On busy nights, restaurants try to maximize their seating capacity in order to accommodate anyone and everyone.

If you make a reservation for a party of 50 people when you know on some certain level that you’ll only be 30 people, it can create a lot of problems within the restaurant when your group of 30 arrives.

Reserving in advance will certainly give you the upper hand, but reserving an hour before you’d like to dine out on a Saturday night will never guarantee you a table at a busy restaurant.

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