Pros and cons of dating someone with kids

08-Nov-2020 01:35

Our initial messages started out casual, but I remember one in particular that caught my attention right away.

I had asked how his day was going and he had responded with: Woah. I remember mentioning the message to my sister and her advising me to ghost him. Not only was he a really nice guy, but I also felt like that wasn’t fair to do to anyone before meeting them.

The old saying that children are like sponges could never be truer than when it comes to familial relationships.

Whether you’re aware of it or not (and whether you like it or not), those young eyes and ears are always concentrated on you, their parent.

RELATED: 10 Traits of a Great Father To shed some more light on just how much kids are affected by parents who choose to stay in unhealthy relationships, a few experts chimed in with their takeaways on the situation. Ryan Fuller, a New York City-based clinical psychologist and executive director of New York Behavioral Health, says many of his unhappily married patients express a desire to tough it out until their kids are of college age.

Unfortunately, feigning marital stability can backfire in unexpected ways.

Not being their number one priority may be one of the cons of dating a single parent, but there are also a ton of positives that make it all worth it.

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