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01-Dec-2020 07:50

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The key is to slowly blend your lives, wrote divorce coach Debbie Martinez."It isn’t about him plopping into your world or you into his; it’s about blending them together.When it happens, replace the thoughts with an image of nature or something to distract you."Notice when you're doing it, and acknowledge to yourself what's going on," said divorce lawyer and author Erik Newton.If you choose to see this as a daunting task, it will be, and if you choose to see this as a fun experience, it will be." The pain of divorce can be long-lasting and can devastate your confidence and the ability to love again. In the early stages, you will feel lonely and apprehensive regarding the future.Make a mental list or compile a physical list of the cons of the relationship to help the process and to help you realize that you have the liberty to move on.If you feel like your emotions are still raw after the divorce, and you're going into the dating scene full-throttle, back off the breaks a bit.

If both of you are doing this, it can lead to a dead end for both parties.

If fear is becoming an albatross around your neck, you need to get to the origins of it.