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19-Nov-2019 23:40

It is a single domain running in a single forest, and there are no trusts anywhere.

The domain is "contosoint.com" and the email addresses are all "@" It was set up by one of my predecessors many years ago, and as far as I can tell, all the settings were left at the defaults.

Similarly, if your organization uses public folders, make sure that mailbox servers at each site are listed in the replication tab within public folder properties.

They should be inherited by any child folders of the OAB public folder by default, but it's not always the case. Remember, the slower your links are between the sites, the slower replication will be between servers.

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When I download the Offline Address Book again, the problem returns. This does show up in the event-logs of the Mailbox server that does OAB generation, but the logging generally isn't turned on high enough to tell you I've had this problem before - not for Exchange 2010 I will admit (it was Exchange 2003) but the symptoms were exactly the same, so with a bit of luck so is the solution.

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