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12-Jan-2020 12:21

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Not exactly, but Outlook is an email client that is used quite frequently, and like anything that is used frequently; it requires some attention and maintenance to keep it working.

So, even if you’re using the new Outlook 2016, you will eventually run into some issues.

Here are 2 great ones: Pat suggests you check your computer’s sleep time: “Change the time-out/sleep-time on your computer to a large number such as 5 hours and it will rebuild the indexing files.

Afterward, you can return the sleep time to something normal.

To check what you’re indexing in Outlook 2016 just follow this specific path: This is where you can make sure that Outlook has been selected for indexing.

In previous versions of Outlook, you could specify which mailbox or .pst/files within Outlook to index, but in Outlook 2016 you either index Outlook completely or you do not index it at all.

When it stops working, it can seriously affect your ability to quickly navigate through your emails.

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Microsoft Outlook Search not working is an issue that is common across all versions because all of them have the same base on how it functions, and that is the Outlook Search Index.

You should wait until the index is done rebuilding.

The time it will take for the index to be rebuilt depends on the system you are using, the amount of files that need to be indexed, and file size.

There’s no need to worry though, there are things that will help you get your Outlook 2016 search up and running again.

Outlook search is arguably one of the most important tools on an email client.

If you need to edit the meeting and send an update, you'll need to change the meeting the Out of Office before sending the update, then change it back to Free, otherwise the attendees meeting will be marked Free as well.

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