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The National Rehabilitation Information Center states the emotional regulation definition as the process of recognizing and controlling feelings or reactions to feelings.

In other words, emotional regulation is the management of your emotions and associated actions.

With practice and patience, you can learn which activities work best for you.

The key is to practice taking the appropriate action, by engaging in the right emotional self-regulation activity, after developing a strong sense of self-awareness so that you can consistently recognize the moment when you start to experience a particular emotion that you want to control.

And you will be able to let it go and to then go on about your business without feeling any continuing negative emotions associated with the event or thinking about it obsessively for the rest of the day.

It takes a lot of practice to retrain the brain so that it does not always default to the same old pattern of negativity.

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Self Awareness Before you can practice your emotional regulation skills, you have to develop your sense of self-awareness to enable yourself to recognize the moments when the emotions begin to occur.

By Rachel Lustbader Updated December 20, 2018 Reviewer Christine Baker Have you ever been through an event that made you feel like your emotions were out of control?

How about an experience that made you feel like your emotions were controlling you?

Some techniques can help you to practice your emotional regulation skills more consistently.

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For example, New York University recommends the STOPP technique: Source: commons.This is just one of many emotional regulation activities that you can choose from to enable you to improve your control of the emotions that you experience and your actions that follow them.You may not realize it, but you already possess some of these skills.

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