Online dating for ghanaians

06-Oct-2019 16:41

That would be cool information to have and so we tried to find out.

There’s very scarce material on what the dating scene is like in Ghana in 2018. Is everyone jumping on the internet to find true love or are people just looking for the regular hookups using dating apps like Tinder?

They are believed to have defrauded at least 26 victims who have been identified thus far.

They contacted men and women throughout the United States "with whom they cultivated a sense of affection, and often, romance".

Majority of the people who took the survey stated that they were Single.

Websites used involve, Christian, Baby Boomer People, Plentyof, Our, and Facebook.When asked if they knew anyone (friends or family) who had met their significant other through social media, 28 respondents stated “No” but 21 stated “Yes”.It’s still early but it looks like dating apps aren’t really making a big impact in the dating scene in Ghana but people are definitely going online through social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and finding something.When asked how much religion factors in choosing a partner, majority of the respondents said it was “Very Important”It was about 50/50 when respondents were asked which dating service that they used.45.8% said they had used “Tinder” before but 41% said they hadn’t used a dating app before.

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It wasn’t surprising that 53% respondent that they didn’t really trust Dating Apps.

"Wilberg" told the victim he owned a consulting firm that tested gold for purity and needed money to buy gold and gold contracts.

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