Ocd cant take dating rejection

01-Nov-2020 06:46

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Talking to an elder law attorney is one quick way of getting things in order.

Regarding intimacy, expect your feelings and needs to change as your spouse changes.

These duties included but were not limited to household chores, helping to raise children, managing finances, providing emotional support and being your best friend. So, as a married person, you are now faced with a spouse who is changing and becoming more and more dependent on you.

Don’t be afraid to ask family, friends and professionals for help with getting everything done at home.You were once partners in your marriage, and with dementia, you gradually become more like a parent to your own spouse.These changes in roles can leave you feeling overwhelmed, burdened, angry and frustrated.Okay – I suppose I expected the occasional cold or flu – maybe an infected tooth or some unexplained pain that everyone experiences with age.

But, who expects Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia when they are basking in the glow of their wedding day?

The following are some common things that happen in a marriage and what you may be able to do to cope.