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03-Sep-2020 02:37

Though opting for a gothic look as a brand for his career may have made him look quite scary, he still managed to exude a likable and charming look generally with a height of 6 feet(1.84 m).2.While living with his grandparents, he grew into a rascally youth who would break into the homes of neighbors, shoplift and vandalize properties.His first publicly known relationship was in 1987 with a woman named Denise Matthews a.k.a “Vanity.” According to him, Denise was more of a pleasure and drug buddy who taught him how to freebase after he had been mostly used to snorting or injecting.After their brief stint ended, Nikki began dating Playboy Playmate, Brandi Brandt.

Popularly, he is known as the main songwriter, bassist and co-founder of the band called, Mötley Crüe, through which timeless albums such as Too Fast for Love in 1981, Shout at the Devil in 1983, among others have been released.

This was due to the fact that his father left when he was still very young.