Nikki reed dating paris latsis Email sexchat with mummies

11-Jul-2020 09:33

Besides these, she has 1.18 million followers on her Facebook.

Hahaha, no, not Paris Hilton, but Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Paris Latsis. But yeah, they were engaged (Hilton and Latsis), until October of 2005, when they abruptly ended the engagement. As for the old drama, in case you didn’t know, Robert’s first Twilight Lady Love was Nikki Reed.

Since 2005, both Parises have done pretty well for themselves though.

Latsis later dated Nikki Reed and has recently turned his eye towards film.

Nikki Reed is active on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Paris, now 32, served as producer on the new Lily Timlin flick, as well as "Machete Kills" and Cameron Diaz's "The Box." While Hilton had a few legal issues and served time in jail from 2006-2007, she's gone on to become a global brand, with fashion and beauty lines and a music/DJing career. Hilton is currently dating another billionaire, Thomas Gross.