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So, what did they have to say about their experience on the show that lasted for three glorious seasons?Well, their answers brought more heat to the Alamo than a whole case of hot sauce, which of course we all know is an alien delicacy!I look back on this time so fondly, because I loved not knowing any better.I always felt like, ‘I’m not really an actor.’ I had to learn so much over the course of it, but [Jason] started to tweak it in the direction of my strengths.

6, 1999), the room filled with hoots and hollers as the cast and crew entered the stage.

Predictions on where the cast sees their characters now in their lives:“I’d have 3 or 4 alien babies,” Delfino said to which Fehr responded, “So we’re still together? ” she replied, before quipping that Maria probably would have ended up with Katherine Heigl’s character Isabel Evans.

Behr chimed in explaining that would be one heck of a relationship.

Once it ended and we went out into the acting workforce, we had a harder time with other dialogue.”Fehr’s wildest moment in the States: The Canadian actor (who you can catch on the new NBC drama “The Nightshift”) revealed that he received a reality check once stepping off the boat when he ordered a hamburger.“I couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks,” he said.“I remember,” Delfino added with sass. : The two “Roswell” stars reached out to disappointed fans on Twitter on why they wouldn’t be appearing side-by-side their former co-stars.

What you might not know is that Carpenter is actually a real-life hero who helped to put a very dangerous criminal in jail when she was only 22-years-old.

“I think I was so excited to have a real character, something to grasp onto.