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04-Nov-2019 17:37

Ever wondered how to find out if your boyfriend is on Tinder?

It seems to be one of the biggest questions in any relationship. As Tinder grows in popularity all over the world, more and more men are trying out the platform and as any female Tinder user can tell you, many of the potential matches in the site are either married or in a relationship but still cheating on Tinder.

A Global Web Index study also says men outnumber women on Tinder.

Even if the number isn’t that high, the suggestion is a scary prospect for any girl in a relationship.

How to find out if your boyfriend or husband is on tinder.

The steps are incredibly simple: Cheaterbuster (Formerly known as Swipebuster or Swipe buster) searches the area and shows you the most accurate results for that age, gender, and location.

As years passed and I went from Kahlua and cream to Chardonnay and on to dirty martinis, my husband had always been there to order my drinks.

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Many couples have different rules about how they approach dating, sometimes being on a dating profile isn’t the end of the world.” and kissed me deeply as everyone laughed and then oohed and ahhed and clapped. He walked away a free man with 27 years time served.