Mel gibson sophie marceau dating

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In Likewise, despite their long relationship and drastic age difference, they do not seem to budge.

There are no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce.

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His first marriage was with wife Robyn Moore, and he is currently in a relationship with Rosalind Ross who is also the mother of his ninth child.

Screenwriter Randall Wallace got the idea for the screenplay when he went on vacation to Edinburgh, to learn about his heritage, and noticed statues of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce in Edinburgh Castle.

A tour guide told the screenwriter about their story and he was immediately inspired to write the script.

To save money, he had them change outfits to represent both the Scottish and English forces and shot them from different angles.

, etc., alongside Sophie Marceau, Catherine Mc Cormack, Bruce Spence, Danny Glover, and many others.

When asked by a local why they shot this battle on a clearly bridgeless plain, Gibson answered, “the bridge got in the way,” to which the local responded, “Aye.

That’s what the English found.” The Scottish won the battle at Stirling Bridge because the English were forced to cross to attack the Scots on the other side.

With the river behind them and the bridge clogged, the English had nowhere to run and were slaughtered. Andrew’s Cross as the woad (blue) design on his face, but the film’s makeup artist, Lois Burwell, talked him out of it, and instead suggested the half-face-covered design which won her an Oscar for Best Makeup.

Gibson used reserve soldiers from the Irish Territorial Army as extras during the battle scenes.Gibson has even defended her for her controversial statements a few times.