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The entire group just brings an insurmountable level of intensity to their performance that is absolutely contagious.I seriously had a blast just trying to capture it all….Discovery "Meg and Dia opened for Limbeck about 2 and a half years ago in St.George Utah back when they were playing in a band called cowards courage. Meg = Atheist Dia = undecided They appear in the Episode where they go to create the 'TV/Film' of the Suite Life. Monster by Meg & Dia has been said as a song about rape or abuse by many people can considered both. I don't know if Meg and Dia wrote this or how true it is, I just interpreted the lyrics.

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the next day he told me he loved what he heard and that he was going to have the people at atlantic hear it, they did and were interasted, I then had Meg and Dia come to L. Then I had Meg and Dia make some Press kits to send to different record labels and I called people I knew at the labels and told them to really listen to the cd's that were sent.Meg and Dia who by this time were now known as Meg and Dia and not cowards courage signed to Doghouse with Nick, Ryan and Kenji, and now they are on MTV and a national touring band... and THAT is how Meg and Dia got "discovered"" quoted from Mr.Jon Cheese on the Meg & Dia Forum Moonty , 5 December 2006 (UTC) why was that removed?That album flows from song to song so well, you can barely blink when the song changes. Tom Petty’s “Wild Flowers,” one of my favorite albums of all time, is an entire hour of well done lyrics, beautiful guitar lines, and a crooning Petty voice I’ve come to absolutely adore.

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It’s a full hour of perfect Americana and Rock n’ roll.

they agreed and at first I didn't do much but then after a couple months went by Meg called me after a show they played in Vegas and was really excited.

t may sound absurd at first blush, but prostitution and other sex work was allowed to thrive in 13th century France by city officials and even some prominent religious leaders.… continue reading »

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The tale is tragic because of the failures of the system that a convicted rapist could have been out to commit so many more crimes.… continue reading »

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It is also for those who are curious about how to handle their Greek significant other. We love to dance as dancing is a form of expressing our feelings. If she is slightly traditional prepare to consume lots and significantly cooked food.… continue reading »

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Chasing doesn’t work because chasing subcommunicates lower value: if you’re chasing her, that must mean she’s higher value than you, otherwise she would be chasing you.… continue reading »

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Her first big public scandal hit in 2009, she was filming a movie with Ranbir Kapoor and it was rumored that they were having an affair, meaning Katrina was cheating on her famous boyfriend Salman and Ranbir on his famous girlfriend Deepika Padukone.… continue reading »

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