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I should also add in the walking trail around Brohm Lake, where my wife and I had our first official date.But that was after two ‘coffee dates’ – and I think it’s wise to leave the long hikes for after the first date.One of my daughters once said to me – I know I want to date women, and I have no trouble finding women who might want to date me, but I feel like the roadrunner.Once I have one in my arms, I have no idea what to do with her.I had no idea where it was so she suggested we meet in front of Womyn’s Ware.I thought that was probably a dress shop but my oldest daughter’s eyes widened when I told her. One of a few good stops if you’re a woman looking for toys but that will be material for another blog. You join a group and then you get notices about events such as pub nights, pool nights, hikes, movie nights, coffee hangouts, that sort of thing. There are lots of different lesbian, women-to-women meetup groups and you can find many of them at this link are a few huge Facebook groups serving the lower mainland lesbian and women identifying community.These groups can be fun, and I admit I have spent a lot of time on them over the years, but these days I find I’d rather actually be with women than hang out virtually.I find the FB groups do not encourage in depth discussion or connections.

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But I was not to be delayed – after all, I had spent all my life without.

There are zillions of events in the Lower Mainland, from music and nightlife to arts and culture, sporty events and groups, and of course, festivals.

Pride Festivals alone offer events every month from spring through fall.

If you’re like me, being in a strange place surrounded by strangers is a lot easier when I have something to keep me busy!

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Single gay woman looking for lasting love in Canada? Our latest study has looked at anonymous data from 4700 single lesbians to find the average importance that women from each province assign to marriage, monogamy, and romance.Some had good discussion starts, but these would quickly get spammed or infested with banal and innocuous comment – endless selfies and silly comments.