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“We need to conduct studies to identify the type of birds from which such feathers were taken and the manufacturing technique,” said archaeologist Gabriel Prieto of the National University of Trujillo, who believes a black resin was used to fasten the headdress' ropes and threads.A similar burial containing a feathered garment featuring mostly blue feathers was uncovered in another area of the site last year, he added.Some of the well-preserved remains still have skin and hair, and some of the children were wearing silver earrings at the time of death.To read about funerary idols found in an elite Chimú tomb, go to "Artifact." report, researchers led by Loren Davis of Oregon State University have unearthed stone tools, the butchered remains of an extinct horse, and a hearth or fire pit at the Cooper’s Ferry site, which is situated at the junction of Rock Creek and the lower Salmon River in western Idaho.Cleveland Museum of Natural History paleoanthropologist Yohannes Haile-Selassie says the skull belongs to the human ancestor , thought to have lived as early as 4.2 million years ago and known mainly by its jaws and teeth.Named MRD after Miro Dora, the site where it was found, this individual probably had a brain about the size of that of a chimpanzee, jutting cheekbones, elongated canine teeth, and oval-shaped earholes.reports that excavations in Pampa La Cruz have unearthed the burial of a Chimú individual whose body was placed in a squatting position and covered with a tabard, a garment similar to a poncho, made of red and yellow feathers.

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Three of the skulls are thought to have belonged to young women, and one to a child.“It doesn’t seem that the Incas targeted the leaders [of the village],” Garrido said, but this act may have been intended to demonstrate the power of the Inca Empire.