I will use intimidating shout

08-Feb-2020 20:42

"Wait 'till your father comes home," or some similar form of intimidation can result in your current reactions of fear and self-doubt.

Even adult males can be intimidated by small sized women half their size because these threats trigger off their reactions to earlier threats from their own mothers.

Suggest an easy way for him to express his wants and needs by making a list of them and how you can go about creating a much better future based on these and your expressed needs.

Some men feel intimidated when asked to express their feelings "right now," and respond better when given a little time, space and privacy to explore and respond to a request like this one.

by Fred Zurofsky If you look around and observe the relationships of your close friends, you will see that some husbands play the role of the intimidator. As an intimidator, he controls you and the children by making you fear him.

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Completely unintelligent monsters such as some constructs, some undead, and all vermin, are immune to social manipulation.

This adds some substance and reality to our feelings. You need to gain an understanding that his shouting and intimidations represent his own unhappiness.