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Coronel, who rarely gives interviews, insisted she leads a normal life. López’s allegations that she had helped her husband escape. Coronel has betrayed little emotion — even on the day when one of Mr. On that day, the prosecution rolled in a cart filled with AK-47s and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Coronel flew out of the courtroom, escorting her daughters into a hallway filled with United States marshals. Coronel has noted her dislike for what has happened in court. Born in California, she grew up in the northwestern Mexican state of Durango, neighboring Mr. Both states make up part of the Golden Triangle of marijuana production. Coronel also has refused to comment on the court proceedings.But the testimony, if true, only compounds the good-wife narrative.Although 32 years separate them in age, from that first day “a lovely friendship” started between the couple, Ms. “With the passing of months we became girlfriend and boyfriend,” she recalled. “And when I turned 18 years old, we married in a very simple ceremony with family and only close friends.”Ms. Coronel’s outward composure has faltered only once, the lone day she brought her daughters to court in December.

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All the signs that a woman wants you are evident in her body language. Jeremy Nicholson, a psychologist, you will learn a lot from the way a woman looks at you.Transcripts of text messages between the husband and wife showed him asking her to stash his weapons ahead of a raid.The morning one of El Chapo’s mistresses took the stand, Ms.She said she stays in touch with them through group messaging.“I have had to be separated from my daughters to accompany him now that I am the only person in his family that can be here in New York with him,” Ms. “He always was a father very present to the attention of our daughters,” she said of her husband. A flank of marshals escorted him out of the room, and she turned solemn.“This situation that we are forging through right now is difficult and heavy,” she said.

She described the girls as “the adoration of their father and he is the adoration of them.”The twins are the only approved visitors who can currently see him at the undisclosed location where he is being held. Coronel has not once been allowed to visit or speak with him, even by phone.)“I don’t consider myself a single mother,” Ms. “More so, a mother who in this moment doesn’t have the support of her husband, but trusts that the family will be well.”Still, she acknowledged, “Obviously, our life changed.”Ms. Guzmán at a ranch in Durango, Mexico, when she was 17. Guzmán, then in his late 40s and well-established at the top of the Sinaloa cartel, had been on the run some six years after making a daring escape from prison in a laundry cart in 2001. After all, there is no quicker way to extinguish the fire of a budding love than by making proclamations too soon.