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Have I mentioned I spent 3 weeks in Orlando, Florida last month? I feel it may have been mentioned a few times *ahem*. However, I can offer some small snippets of advice for those taking the plunge: 1.I know I am bloody lucky to have a husband who wanted to whisk Mini Cheddar and I away for a last blow-out holiday before Baby Lucas no.2 arrives. We only booked it at the end of October and flew out 4th January - so what with Christmas to cope with we didn't really have much time to plan it. As someone who's visited a large number of places in the US (oooh get me! Put it this way, we are not big on overly touristy places..can give or take New York, we disliked Los Angeles and we absolutely hated Las Vegas. Buy a really good guide book Whenever I go on a big trip I almost always buy a good guide book so I don't miss out on anything.We ended up with a total of 602 photographs - Disney also supply you with amazing bonus content free of charge!We also took advantage of their pre-visit offer and pre-paid for a CD for (about £60) of all our images.Like, for instance, taking an autograph book and pen so that the characters can sign it for you. The entire Disney World Resort area covers some 30,000 acres (over 25,000 more than Disney Land Paris if you've been there) and obviously there's more to Orlando than that - that's not taking into account Universal Studios, Sea World, Islands of Adventure, Lego Land and so on.Also, Floridians don't tend to do dressing up smart.For us, the photopass is a MUST - they really captured some amazing moments for us. You can find all the information on parks, you can find busy day guides, you can find everything - plus the site has extensive forums where you can get advice from people who have 'been there, done that' and they are so friendly and helpful.They even have people who have uploaded their extensive holiday packing/check lists online which you can print off - saves so much time! Remember the little things By signing up to The Dibb or buying a guidebook book you will realise there are so many little things to take into consideration with your holiday - things that you wouldn't ever have thought of. Wear comfy shoes If your scraggy, dirty trainers are the comfiest footwear you own - wear them.

I know it's a long time away but we want to wait until no.2 is old enough to get something from it. We went for 3 weeks and we still never managed all of the main theme parks! Look at your ticket options and shop around for the best deals Access to the theme parks can be costly (£50 EACH a day plus £10 parking a day! There is an option available only in the UK I'm led to believe for an 'Ultimate Ticket' (7, 14 or 21 day) which gives you complete access to all the Disney Theme Parks including the Disney Water Parks and Disney Quest etc. Again, we think the carburetors may well be off a early 70s CB750. Also, I've recently had the carburetors stripped and cleaned but unfortunately one of the carbs is badly damaged and needs replacing.All you do is pick up a photopass card from the first photographer you see and then make sure you hand it to them every time you are snapped.

If you lose your card you can just pick up a new one (just make sure you register the card online).

The problem I have is identifying exactly what parts the previous owners used. I've tried to nail down the exact engine year using its numbers but can't get a proper fix.